I really wanted to go to Africa
West of St Louis
It was September just yesterday



St Louis - Missouri
16 September 2008
Here ... where “dogs are yellow and the fish jump”
Des Moines - Iowa
22 September 2008
The price of freedom
Omaha, Nebraska
24 September 2008

… and in the end

Kearney, Nebraska
27 September 2008

Leaps in the Wind

Rapid City, South Dakota
1 October 2008

Letter from the road

Lander, Wyoming
6 October 2008

The big chill of the last of the Mohicans

Butte, Montana
10 October 2008

The wall

Boise, Idaho
18 October 2008

A face like many others, a look like far too many

Klamath Falls, Oregon
24 October 2008

Adelaide … with an A
and Joe’s destiny

Carson City, Nevada
29 October 2008


Provo, Utah
4 November 2008

With the sun in my eyes

Cortez, Colorado
11 November 2008

The leaves of the calendar

Dodge City, Kansas
15 November 2008

From Durango to Wichita

Tulsa, Oklahoma
18 November 2008

The Mexican dream and the Cuban nightmare

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